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Letterpress ◆ Linocut Printing ◆ Bookbinding ◆ Paper Marbling ◆ Calligraphy ◆ Book Arts




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ffowndri is a not-for-profit open access art studio in North Wales. We offer a range of opportunities to learn and use the studio. Our studio is focused on the revival of heritage arts and crafts including letterpress, linocut printing, bookbinding, paper marbling and calligraphy. In the future we hope to expand this further to other allied and related crafts such as chalk board and sign writing.

Half of our studio is dedicated to the restoration and use of old printing presses. We are passionate about preserving as much of the old equipment as we can and educating others in their use.

We welcome visitors to the studio but please let us know before coming




Ffowndri FRIENDS

Becoming a ffowndri friend not only entitles you to 10% off everything for 12 months; but also supports with the revival, restoration and preservation of the arts and crafts we offer at the studio. The more friends of ffowndri we have the more we can achieve.

All new ffowndri friends will receive a special thank you print bundle.





We have a wide range of workshops available for all levels of experience, including letterpress, linocut printing, bookbinding, paper marbling, calligraphy and book arts.


Other Workshops


ACCESS & MEmbership

We love people using the studio and socialising with others when they are there. If you would like to join them and us at the studio and have experience in any of our crafts we have a variety of access options available including day passes, 5 day passes, monthly passes and annual membership.


Assisted sessions

Introduction workshops provide a great start for people wanting to create with letterpress but to master the craft support will be needed. We hold 3 hour bookable sessions for one on one and one on two tutoring. At these sessions we will provided further teaching and support you with creating your work and projects.

Newcomers to letterpress are welcome to undertake assisted sessions without attending any other workshop but more sessions will be required to build up the skills.

We currently only offer assisted sessions for letterpress but hope to expand this to the other crafts we teach at the studio, in the future.

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An utterly jaw dropping collection of type, ornaments, presses and facilities
— Dulcie, Mostly Flat
Amazing place, with so many fascinating machines and equipment
— Aimee Renee
A really exciting new enterprise has come to Dyserth
— Sue Wright