Here at ffowndri we are passionate about supporting and promoting artists; and introducing people to an art or craft that they may not of heard of or had the chance to experience before. That’s why at least twice a year we feature an artist here and then give you the opportunity to participate in a workshop with them at ffowndri.

Some of the artists and workshops are related to what we already do here at ffowndri but not all of them; but what they all do have in common is they are using materials that are physical and often malleable.


We’re delighted to announce that the amazing basketmaker Rosie, is our first ffowndri featured artist.


About Rosie

At the age of 8 Rosie made her first rush basket using a bundle of rush she had collected from the field in front of her house.

Rosie graduated from the University of the West of England, Bristol with a degree in Drawing and Applied Art.

She moved back to North Wales after finishing at University in 2012. On her return she fell back in love with the craft of basket making and developed her knowledge and skills under the guidance of her mother the esteemed basketmaker, Mandy Coates.

Since 2012 Rosie’s work has been exhibited at The Scottish Gallery, The Bluecoat Display Centre, Art in Action and Mostyn.

Rosie’s work can be bought at the Ruthin Craft Centre shop,  The Bluecoat Display Centre, Storiel (Bangor) and Mostyn Shop.

Rosie teaches various workshops throughout the year at The Woodland Skills Centre, Iard and Westhope College

Her Work

Rosie predominantly works on a small scale using natural materials such as Bulrush and Common Juncus, creating fine, decorative and functional baskets.

Rosie uses simple traditional weaving techniques which she has adapted to suit her style and scale of working.

Each basket Rosie makes is unique.

“When I begin to make a basket I never quite know what the final shape will be. The unpredictability of the natural materials means that the final outcome is somewhat dictated by the temperament of the rush.”



Create the perfect basket for Easter

Spend a day enjoying the peace and delight that can be had when weaving soft and forgiving bulrush.

To make the basket Rosie will first show you some examples and explain how to visualise what you are about to create. You will then be taken through the making process step by step until you have a fully completed and beautiful basket that you can go home and fill with eggs ready for easter.

Due the materials being used this workshop is perfectly suitable for beginners of all ages above 16.