Since our opening in January we’ve been constantly exploring what works and what we can improve or make simpler. We’ve recently made some changes in the studio and now our focus is on our workshops and access.

Before today we offered 3 access and 1 membership option and our pricing reflected other similar studio’s across the UK. However as we’re running ffowndri alongside our day jobs we’re not currently able to provide the same level of open days; so we’ve made some changes that make our options better value for money.

You can now gain access to the studio 3 ways:

  • One Day Pass / The Experimenter / £20 (unchanged)

  • 6 Month Access / The Creative / £100

  • 12 Month Membership / The Lodger / £150

and we’re pleased to say that there are no other chargers to gain access to the studio.

The studio will be open for access on days marked in our calendar as “Studio Day” which is almost every Thursday. Friday and usually at least one Saturday and Sunday per month. Which is over 100 days a year in total. So less than £1.50 per day if you’re a lodger…

Anyone can purchase access to the studio and we’re now able to allow anyone that has done at least a one day letterpress workshop to use the equipment as Lisa or Andrew will be on hand to assist. As a result of this we are no longer offering assisted sessions to anyone new (but will continue with those who already are doing them).

So if you’d like to spend days chilling in a creative space doing letterpress, linocut, calligraphy, bookbinding or just want a place to sit and sketch or write, you will be welcome at ffowndri.


Letterpress lock up on our Gem printing press by Mark McKellier on A Studio Day.