The Creative, 6 Month Access Pass

The Creative, 6 Month Access Pass


Creating a community and providing access to all is something we are really passionate about which is why we’ve set our membership prices at a low price; when compared to the same amount of access to other facilities such as a gym or golf club.

Our 6 month access pass provides an opportunity for you to be a part of the community we are creating.

Access to the studio is available throughout the 6 months on days that are marked “Studio Day” in our calendar; and it will start from the day you purchase it.

If you’re new to ffowndri you’re welcome to visit us before purchasing.


  • Access to the studio over the course of 6 months on “Studio Days”

  • 5% discounts on all workshops

  • Use of the equipment in service*

*Subject to you being able to demonstrate your competence to use them or being trained to use them at ffowndri.

To be able to undertake letterpress at the Studio during Studio Days you must either be an experienced letterpress printer or have undertaken a letterpress workshop at ffowndri.

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