Illuminated Words, Learn Celtic Calligraphy - 1 Day

Illuminated Words, Learn Celtic Calligraphy - 1 Day



Date(s): 2nd November 2019

Suitability: Beginners (level 1)

Calligraphy: From the Greek for “beautiful writing”, the art of calligraphy is the creation of lettering by hand, caring about every turn of the pen, making a piece to be admired.

With so much communication being electronic today, there is a desire to return to creating physical pieces of lettering, the human desire to “write a letter” is a strong one.

Calligraphy can be done with a pencil (indeed this is where we often start) or any other tool, we will be using pens shaped to make the characteristic shapes that are associated with classic calligraphy.

Tutor: Janet Smith of Oakleaf Calligraphy

Workshop: Celtic calligraphy is recognisable both for its beautiful letter shapes and the decoration with which it is often paired. We will  look at examples of Celtic calligraphy to get us inspired and raring to go.

We will work with a simple and elegant alphabet (Uncial Hand) getting to grips with the letter shapes and writing real words, enjoying the more unusual letter shapes within this style of lettering.  We will work with traditional calligraphy tools, learning how to get the marks that we want.

We will also have a look at how to create Celtic knots – those most beautiful pieces of decoration – hopefully without scrambling anyone’s brain!

Everyone will be able to create a decorated piece of Celtic calligraphy, which you can take home with you.

In a small group there’s plenty of opportunity to share with each other and learn together, enjoying seeing the creations of our fellow students.

Time: The workshop starts at 10:30am prompt and will finish at 4:30pm. 

Lunch: Lunch is included within the price of the workshop. Please let us know when booking if you have any dietary requirements.

What to bring: Glasses if you need them for close work and please ensure you wear sturdy, fully enclosed shoes. If you have any calligraphy tools which you’re curious about, please bring them along, but no need to go out shopping!

Maximum No. of Attendees: 8

Minimum Age: 18 or 15 if accompanied by someone who is 21 or over

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About the Tutor: Hello! I'm Janet Smith, I'm a professional calligrapher living on beautiful Anglesey.

I am a lettering artist with over 25 years' experience of calligraphy, first as a much loved hobby and now a much loved profession.

I have always enjoyed creating calligraphy for others - starting out making pieces as gifts, or taking on commissions for friends. I now offer a service creating pieces of lettering that make a most thoughtful and personal item.

I have taught for many years now, and feel as enthusiastic about teaching as when I first began: that moment of people realising they CAN do it remains a great pleasure.

(If someone squeals with delight in my workshop, I feel that’s a job well done!)

I am lazy (so expect lots of tips on the EASIEST way to do something), imaginative (expect to hear lots of ideas) and love a giggle. I think learning happens best when we’re relaxed and having fun – that’s what I shall be aiming for in my workshops!

Away from calligraphy, I have a lovely husband, a silly border collie and 3 cats (who I wish would stay away from my calligraphy!) and make the most of living in gorgeous coastal surroundings.